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Monday, December 21, 2009

OK So Lupus Still Had A Hold On Me And....

OK, OK! So I thought my Lupus was getting better and it wasn't! So I thought my Mom's medical condition was stable and it really isn't. So I thought when children get married they didn't need you so much and they do. So I'm not so good at thinking about these things. That's just life in the fast lane if you ask me.

On a better note, I've been selling more jewelry to people who see it. I also donated some to my church's Christmas boutique and the items sold out. I'm very proud of that. The jewelry I have online isn't selling very fast, but I'm starting to get some notice. My customers have been very happy with the few pieces I've sold on Etsy and Bonanzle. I must admit that I'm getting more attention on Bonanzle than Etsy which really surprises me. It seems easier to get noticed there with a little less work on the site and not so much pressure to buy from other people to get them to buy from you as there is on Etsy. Maybe that's because Bonanzle isn't all handmade items.

I finished my Christmas shopping over the weekend and now I won't have to go out over the last few crazy shopping days. I only have to wrap presents until I'm covered paper scraps, crunched bows and tape.

I guess I won't look as bad as this reindeer though and if he can keep smiling, so can I! My cards are going out late this year and we won't have as many cookies, but all the pumpkin bread will be cooked. The baking is thanks to my adult children who still pitch in!

We're looking forward to a quiet Christmas Eve of our immediate family. This is traditionally for us, the time we open presents. We usually have grandparents from both sides, my siblings and/or my husbands siblings and a sprinkling of cousins with us. This is just a strange year where it will be my Mom, hubby, daughter, son-in-law, son, his girlfriend and the grandpuppy. Of course, Christmas Day is going to make up for it in triplicate. There are going to be so many people at my nephew's house, I don't think I can count that high. This is also unusual for us and I'm glad I'm not hosting it!

For those of you selling online or in a B&M, I wish you Many & Happy Sales! For those that do not celebrate Christmas, I wish you a Happy Time of Year, whether you are celebrating another holiday or just enjoying the winter months. For those who will not be home for Christmas, be it military service, economical reasons, a rift in your family, or whatever it is, I pray that next year will be different for you. For all of us, I wish a Warm & Blessed Christmas with hopes and prayers for a true peace on earth in the comfort of our Savior's embrace.

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