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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Getting through and Helping Haiti

So I got through the holidays just fine only to come down with a horrible cold/respiratory thing. It lasted over a week. I can blame my son for it, though everyone in the house got and so did my daughter and son-in-law. At least we all got to have Christmas first! We all just didn't get to celebrate New Years with enthusiasm... Ah, well, such is the way of life.

On a positive note, my Bonanzle booth is picking up. I've had a few sales in both my jewelry and my "garage sale" items. It feels promising. My Etsy shop, on the other hand, has had just one sale in recent months. The only people interested in buying from me there are people I buy from first. There are wonderful, friendly and supportive people on Etsy and also very talented people, but I was losing money buying from people with hopes they would buy from me. Bonanzle is different. I have bought from people there and they are NOT the people who buy from me. Lots of handmade items, new items, "garage sale" items, just amazing the different things you can find there.

I also thought I was getting an idea of what I was supposed to be doing with my volunteer time. It was really starting to focus for me. Then the earthquake happened in Haiti and I got to wondering if my meager ideas about helping the hungry people was even close to being worthwhile! WOW those people are in so much NEED! I am not the type of organizing person who would be able to know where to begin. Thank God there are people who have those skills!!! Two organizations that I am supporting right now to help with the immediate needs and the rebuilding in Haiti are:

ELCA International Disaster Response (part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) They have pledged to give 100% of the donations to the relief response and they also have less administrative costs than the Red Cross under normal circumstances. They are highly ranked among charitable groups.

Habitat for Humanity which helps with the rebuilding of communities such as it did after Hurricane Katrina. I believe they are also known for helping with temporary shelters. They are asking for donations now for Haiti.

I hope you will all join me in sending your support and prayers to the people of Haiti. They need it so badly.

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