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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I want to take a moment in my blogging to tell you that I'm a member of the ONE Campaign. You have probably heard of it. Many famous people from all walks of life are members and from different sides of the political aisle. Its mission is to stamp out Global Poverty and AIDS which is a major cause of poverty. I was asked today to sign a petition as part of the ONE Campaign and I agreed with it and signed it. Here is part of that email request:

Only two questions about global poverty have been asked in the history of modern presidential debates, going back to Kennedy-Nixon in 1960. That’s less than 1% of all questions asked.
To change that shockingly low figure, ONE is launching a new campaign to get “Just ONE Question” about the fight against global poverty asked at the 2008 presidential debates.
The first debate at the University of Mississippi at Oxford, Mississippi, will focus on foreign policy and is only 10 days away. Take action now by sending the message below to debate moderator Jim Lehrer.

At the presidential debate, please ask John McCain and Barack Obama just ONE question about their plans to fight global poverty.

If you would like to learn more and add your name to the petition to Jim Lerher, go here:

Getting on to another subject, I am currently taking stock of my beads and other materials. I'm starting to work on some Christmas projects, both for selling and for gifts. I have to keep reminding myself not to get too many projects going. If I do, I will just get too overwhelmed and then nothing gets done!!

Currently, I'm making a set of mother-daughter necklaces with Santa Claus beads as the focal point. I'm going to contribute them, as a set, to my church's craft fair in November. I'm also making Hang-Its, for my shop and for the church craft fair. They are fairly easy to make in that I can make on in about an hour. I just finished a very beautiful necklace that is just right for the holidays, but is great all year. It has dark cherry red, glass beads with a slight aurora borealis finish to them. I paired these with round gold beads with largish link chain in between each grouping of beads. As soon as I get pictures, I'll post them here. I just don't know whether or not to sell it in my shop or donate it to church!

That's what's going on here in my little corner of the world! I hope your corner is busy and fulfilled!

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Of blogs, beading and anniversaries!

I've been out visiting some of the blogs I have listed below. There are so many more that I wish I could list. I do add to the list when I find one that is really special. I enjoy reading what other bloggers have to say. Some are very eloquent and other very down to earth. Its very different as you go from one to another. I think that's why I enjoy it so much!

I've been doing a lot of beading lately, but most of it is going to be donated to my church's craft fair for the Women's Group table. I would love to have my own table, but there just isn't enough hours in a day for me to bead that much. Besides, I'm working on some Christmas presents too!!

Hubby and I finally have plans in place for our 39th wedding anniversary in October. We are driving to Montana, just outside Glacier National Park. We will be staying at a very comfortable inn, The Izak Walton Inn. It has no phones, no tv, and it sits back from the road in the woods. Last time we were there we had bear sitings! Not that we don't have them here in Colorado, just not as many as close by. We are going to go for long walks, do some geocaching, visit the Park again and just be together without interruption! Wow! I wish we could leave now!!!!

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Doing a bit of catching-up!

I don't know where the time goes! I think I'll blog every day, but the days fly by. Hubby and I did get to Mt. Evans and Echo Lake. We had a wonderful time. The weather was beautiful for it. We set out to find 4 geocaches and found all 4 of them. Then we spent the night in Central City and did a little gambling. We won some and lost some and in the end we broke even. All-in-all it was a nice get away.

I've been making quite a bit of jewelry recently too. I haven't put much on my shop, though. I'm saving some of it for the craft fair at church that is scheduled for November 8th. I'd like to take a table, but I really don't think I'll have enough items. I'll probably just donate my pieces to the women's craft table. That's what I did last year.

On a brighter note, I have sold a few pieces recently. Mostly my smaller, less expensive items. I'm just glad to be getting noticed a bit. I do wish someone would take notice of my more expensive pieces. I work hard on them and I have improved so much. Most people who see my work "in person" like it and buy it. I'm still struggling with the pictures, but those are improving also.

I joined another etsy group the other day, Christian Artists Street Team. I've introduced myself on the team forum thread twice. It seems hard to get yourself "heard" there. I think I'm going to have to try to introduce myself on their regular message board. Maybe its less hectic on that board.

I really like the socializing on etsy overall. For me, its another way to meet people, though its not quite the same as being with them. I like the people and my Lupus keeps me somewhat home bound or at least limited in my socializing. Most of the people I've met on etsy are very friendly and helpful. Its a bit like taking a walk in a neighborhood.

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